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Got two new groups comming up with monthly features, so please join now.

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Hello everyone,

For who is interested i am selling two of my papercraft models for 15 dollars each. and

payment with paypal.

  • Listening to: Repo the genetic opera soundtrack
  • Listening to: Repo the genetic opera soundtrack
title said it all..... :(
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And from now on you can commision me....digitally.....because i first need to figure out how to ship international.


Digital portraits

10$ For a single portrait/bust. + 10$ for an portrait/bust


5$ for a sketch/lineart.
it does not matter if this is a portrait or full body sketch.

sketch like the one on the left:
lineart like the top:

20$ for skeleton mask digital.… digital and with less stakes XD

40$  for semi realism with minor background. amount of sparkles is up to you.

DA rulezzzz

I accept PAYPAL only

-Commissions are only for your personal use. That means you can use them in your own websites, logos, avatars, print them out and put on your wall and so on. But you can't say that it was done by you, you can't sell them in any way (prints and other) and you are not able to submit them into your gallery without credits to my DA page and link to my original work! if you put credits, it's ok.
-All commissions done by me belong to me and the credit for doing it still belongs to me, even if it's your character, the character belongs to you, but the drawing itself belongs to me.

-To commission me, you need to send me a note.Put your commission details, the more you add the better. I need to know the chara's name, short description, details, colors, 1-5 references (the more the better, size of the pic (waist-up and so on), type of coloring /background,You can of course tell me only half of this, and leave the rest for me to decide (for example pose, expression, clothes etc)
-Payment is in advance That means you have to pay full prize before I even start the sketch. Sorry I will start the sketch only if I receive the full payment. So if you're not able to pay me, don't ask to commission me please.

-If you got any questions at all you can always ask me
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IF i would take commisions.
Would you ask me and how much would you think it is worth?
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I already got back a few months ago (after two weeks of work i already gave up) But i mean i am also back on DA.
AAnd with that i mean i started drawing again, after i got back it took me quite a while to concentrate on drawing again.
I absolutely cant draw if i am stressed and dissapointing italy gave me pretty much stress, which i had to lose.

So now i can improve myself and spread happy happy joy joy again.

And for the people who still are on vacation "enjoy the summer for as long as it will last"
somehow i cant wait for christmas....
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At least for a while.
I am moving to Italy for the next 4 months leaving al the luxury that i am used to.
A tent will be my new "house" and i am leaving my laptop at home.
My deadline for whatever i am going to make will be 20 may and i will do my best to respond to comments after that.
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Because i am out of ideas for now,
For a very short time i am available for commisions.

if you are interested
e-mail to:
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So, who am I?

As far as i know i am active on deviantart as Rowena White.
The european country i live in is the netherlands maybe more known as holland.
I am 20 years old and turning older every june.....

Crowd: hellooo boring, standard about me.
Me: than lets make thing more interesting.

How I think of myself:  

*grown up enough to know it is ok to like childish things.

How my friends think of me:

*honest (wich sometimes may look bittered and negative)

How I really am:

*bittered because clearly in this world dishonesty rules.
*want to do the right thing

Despite appearances,  I'm not some kind of fashion doll.I care about the way i look but had to accept my lack of pigment,That's why my last name is white.
I think honesty is important just as water is to a fish, deceiving just sucks. It might sounds naïve but i can assure you i am not.

Why am I on devianart?

That is actually quite simple because i want to show people my work and improve my skills.
The opposite of things is that i just cant choose wich media i want to use. Then i want to draw portraits and then fantasy and who knows what is next.
Drawing is a passion a have all of my life because it allows me to create.
Another passion of mine is music ,probably it would be nr 1 if i had the change to sing or play a music instrument at a young age.
What would i give to be able to play the violin, organ or sing like an soprano.....

and now some random answers because that is fun.

The strangest talent i have is that i can flutter with my belly.
even though i had belly lessons for 2 years i absolutely hate do dance in front of people.
weird fobias: low flying airplanes, being lonely, dreams of dead people.
My favorite animal is the tiger and my dream destinations are india and egypt.
If i had 3 wishes i would wish for 1: to know what i want to know but only if i asked for it 2:that i can stop time whenever i wanted to and 3: that no matter what happens the first 2 wishes cannot be undone.
Atilla was a movie i only watched because of the good looking leading actor :)
My hero is sarah brightman and my dog..yes they are.

i found those random questions and answered them.

cheerio :):):)

my portfolio:
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Woohoo I've got one entire week with much free time to finish work and once that is done i can start new things.
first up finishing zelda.

My portfolio:

People i know in real life,

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Hello my name is Rowan Verschuren and i am 20 years old/young.
I live in the netherlands where the landscape pretty much is flat.
Things i love to do are obviously drawing,reading and bellydancing.

I absolutely love fantasy,disney,mermaids,realistic art,music and animals.
Since the computer is making me blind i started to make portraits a little time ago (dates are on the drawings in my gallery)

If you got any questions feel free to e-mail me on

And i also made a portfolio page via deviantart, nothing new on there except two pictures of me and one with my brother eating a banana.

Here it

Feel good music:

Oogie boogie song:…

Sarah brightman
anytime anywhere:…


Deku palace:…
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There has been a saying that the best way to know someone is through  music.....
So i thought it would be fun to post some links to some songs i think are great at the moment or still are after a few years...
allright lets just say it is my top ten.

Sarah Brightman- anytime anywhere…

The nightmare before christman- oogie boogie song…

Immediate Music- Crusade…

majoras's mask- Deku Palace (Orchestrated)…

Lady gaga- bad romance…

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends - OPA…

Il Divo- adagio…

David Jordan- Sun goes down…

Castlevania 64- Intro…

Hisham Abbas- nari nareen…

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This girl had joined groups..
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My very first journal entry, and my second account.

I am planning on closing down my first account and thats because i absolutly do not like its name any longer.
:icongoude-drakie: is closing down but first i want to move my "artwork" to this gallery and actually start over again.
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